Underwater Cities: New Discoveries Expansion

Underwater Cities: New Discoveries Expansion

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New Discoveries, the first expansion to the wildly popular game, Underwater Cities, will offer many new challenges to players who own the original game.

- This will be a 'must-have' expansion for customers who own the game!
- New Asymmetric assistants and starting resource cards help speed up the game
- 52 new cards to add even more choices
- New 3-layered player boards upgrade the boards from the existing game, plus 4 new double-sided boards
- The Museum of Underwater Artifacts board offers enticing treasures
- New Metropolises provide even more variability from game to game


  • 8 Player boards
  • 1 Museum board
  • 8 Assistant cards
  • 6 Resource tiles
  • 8 Special cards
  • 18 Era I cards
  • 15 Era II cards
  • 11 Era III cards
  • 10 Farm tokens
  • 10 Laboratory tokens
  • 10 Desalination plant tokens
  • 10 Green metropolis tiles
  • 20 Discovery tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

Note:This is not a standalone game. An Underwater Cities base game is required to play this expansion.