Tiny Towns

Tiny Towns

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City Building
Play Time:
60 Minutes or Less
Max Players:
Game Mechanics:
Pattern Building

2 to 6 players compete to build the most amazing Town. Each turn the "Master Builder" determines which resource will be produced, and all the players gain one unit of that resource. Players can decide to use their resources to construct buildings according to the construction cards in play. Choose carefully! Where you build, and what you build will determine how dense your Town will be and how many points it will score! At the end of the turn, a new player becomes Master Builder. Play continues until every player’s Town is at max density, and then each Town is scored to determine the winner..

Tiny Towns is a competitive game about building a well-designed township from a shared pool of resources. It uses an innovative mechanism of resource selection where each player receives the same resources in the same order. This is a fast-playing game of low rules complexity but substantial strategic depth.


  • 1 Rulebook 
  • 6 Player boards 
  • 25 Building cards 
  • 15 Monument cards 
  • 15 Resource cards 
  • 1 Scorepad 
  • 126 Wooden buildings 
  • 1 Wooden master builder hammer 
  • 6 Wooden monuments 
  • 90 Wooden resource cubes

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  • 5
    Fun, fast playing game

    Posted by kg on May 4th 2020

    This is a fun, fast playing strategy game. My daughter and I love it. We first played a demo copy at a gaming cafe and had to buy a copy of our own. Complex enough to not get boring, but easy enough to learn and play without tons of frustration.

  • 5
    Great Game!

    Posted by Sarah on Oct 2nd 2019

    We love Tiny Towns!!

    My brother introduced us to this game and we had to buy it for ourselves. Our 9 year old son can play too, although it is harder for him to execute a good strategy. Not too hard to get started but quite challenging to win.

  • 4
    Cottage industry

    Posted by Amano on Jun 18th 2019

    I'm an Ameritrash gamer that's getting into Euro games. This is a good game! I like the look of the finished town of wooden buildings, the reasonable setup and tabletop footprint. The gameplay is solid, with choice or card draws about the resources, and a focus on spatial placement (a favorite of mine). My only gripe is that there should be more of the 3-resource tokens like the cottage, alehouse, and farm tokens. These run out a bit too quickly, especially with more players. While a reasonable limitation is good, they should have issued the tokens by volume over quantities. So there are way too many of the biggest ones. Still, a good game and welcome addition to my collection. Especially glad that it has solo rules too!

  • 5
    Collection Staple

    Posted by Natasha on Jun 1st 2019

    Enjoy this one solo as well as multiplayer. Quality components, easy to teach and play but hard to master!