Ticket to Ride: Nederland Map Collection 4

Ticket to Ride: Nederland Map Collection 4

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Introducing Ticket to Ride Nederland, the fourth in the Ticket to Ride Map Collection Series. In Nederland, rail routes have a cost, which you'll pay for with Bridge Toll Tokens - to the bank... or to another player!

In this beautiful new map of the low country, Ticket to Ride designer Alan R. Moon has created an ingenious new twist nearly all routes are double-track bridge crossings. When a player grabs the first route between cities, he pays a price in Bridge Toll Tokens directly to the bank; but when the second route is claimed, the tokens go to the player who claimed the first route! Players score bonus points based on the total value of Bridge Toll Tokens they still own at game's end.


  • New Single-sided Map
  • 44 Destination Tickets
  • New Bridge Toll Tokens
  • Multi-lingual Rules Booklet