The U.S. Civil War (2nd Printing)

The U.S. Civil War (2nd Printing)

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The great American Civil War is recreated in this strategic level game covering the entire rebellion from 1861 to 1865 and from Texas to Virginia.

You command armies, corps, naval squadrons, ironclads, cavalry forces, and more than 75 individually rated generals and admirals to put down the rebellion or save the fledgling Confederacy.

A large, detailed 44 x 30 game board is provided as your canvas to explore, learn, and refight this conflict which temporarily tore apart the United States. While the subject is vast, the rules are of medium complexity. If not playing with the naval units, only 21 pages of rules are necessary to play the game.

Rules include Naval Invasions, Supply, Cavalry, Forts, Fortresses, Blockade Running and Confederate Production. A small deck of 30 Special Action Cards are provided to simulate rare resources of fortress cannon, offensive supplies, and other assets necessary for well-planned campaigns. This is not a card-driven game.


  • Rule Booklet
  • Three Counter Sheets
  • 30 Action Cards
  • Six Player Aid Cards
  • Two Mounted Maps
  • Six (6) six-sided dice

Note on 2nd Printing: This edition will be identical to the 1st Printing except that it will include the 2nd edition rules and charts and that any known errata will be corrected.