The Dark Eye: Aventuria - Tears of Fire - Monster Expansion

The Dark Eye: Aventuria - Tears of Fire - Monster Expansion

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After a difficult climb, the heroes finally reached their objective: a cave that had once been home to an invincible monster and its fabled riches. The cavern appeared to be uninhabited. Then three mighty heads loomed out of the darkness, and a deep rumbling shook their limbs...

Tears of Fire is a monster expansion in which the heroes are dealing with a three-headed dragon! In duel mode the dragon is controlled by a player, while in adventure mode the heroes can play the the adventure "Tears of Fire" and face the Giant Wyvern together. Through a selection of six different heads and four age levels the fight against the dragon remains challenging and varied over many games.


  • 2 Double-sided Giant Wyvern Tiles
  • 6 Dragon Head Cards
  • 16 Basic Action Cards
  • 48 Elemental Action Cards
  • 6 Dragon Head Leader Cards
  • 16 Leader Action Cards
  • 4 Adventure Cards
  • 3 Hero Action Cards
  • 15 Henchman Cards
  • 6 Curse Cards
  • 18 Reward Cards
  • 6 Hero Title Cards
  • 8 Head Counters
  • 3 Lava Counters
  • 6 Poison Counters
  • 12 Ice Counters
  • 7 Egg Counters
  • 9 Life Point/Adventure Counters
  • 2 Fate Points