The Dark Eye: Aventuria - Forest of No Return Expansion

The Dark Eye: Aventuria - Forest of No Return Expansion

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Forest of No Return is the first expansion for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game. The king of Nostria needs brave heroes to journey into the Forest of No Return and recover a stolen scroll. Dreadful peril lies ahead on a quest that has already claimed the lives of many good people. Are you ready to face this challenge?

This set includes the thrilling, three-act adventure The Forest of No Return and two short adventures (Head Money and Madness of Selem). It also introduces a new hero - Brother Hilbert of Auen, a Blessed One of the goddess Peraine - who supports his friends and routs his enemies with powerful divine magic.

You need the Aventuria Base Set to play this game.


  • Adds a new hero (with 30 action cards and Life Point Display) to the game 
  • 92 new adventure cards (including Leaders, Henchmen, Rewards, and more) 
  • 18 special markers 
  • Rules and Adventures booklet