Terraforming Mars: Big Box (3D Tiles & Storage)

Terraforming Mars: Big Box (3D Tiles & Storage)

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The Big Box contains 90+ 3D tiles and markers, 3 Project cards, 2 deck boxes, 18 card dividers, 5 player cubes and 2 resource cube holders, a storage solution for the 3D tiles, and all of your Terraforming Mars games & expansions to date.

The base game and expansions are not included in the Big Box—but are displayed here to visually describe how the Big Box fits all components.


  • 24 City Tiles
  • 40 Forest Tiles
  • 9 Ocean Tiles
  • 14 Special Tiles (the original 11, plus 3 new ones)
  • 3 New Cards (for the 3 new special tiles)
  • 5 Plastic Markers for the Global Parameters
  • 18 Card Dividers