Tavern Masters

Tavern Masters

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Tavern Masters is an exciting new quick-play tavern building game, where each player stocks their tavern to draw in new patrons each round while giving regulars the elements which they enjoy!

Buy drinks, hire barmaids and minstrels, serve mutton and crusty bread, and welcome in patrons both lowly and noble; all to earn more Gold each round! Be the player to earn the most, and build your place in history as the greatest barkeep in all the land!

Features competitive, cooperative, and solo play modes.


  • 70 Tavern Cards
  • 75 Patron Cards
  • 60 Gold Coin Tokens
  • 10 Golden Dragon Tokens
  • 5 Round Counters
  • 4 Helper Boards
  • 1 Server Token
  • 1 Rules Booklet