Stuffed Fables

Stuffed Fables

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The stuffies all gathered at the foot of the bed around Mr. Stitch, and offered up the stories they wanted to hear. “Tell the story of the time you woke up in the Lost and Found!” gasped Lumpy. “We’ve heard that one a million times,” protested Flops, “I want to hear the one about where lost socks go!”


But Mr. Stitch held up his hands for silence. “Tonight...” he said slowly, “we will hear a different tale. Perhaps the scariest one I have yet to relate.” Lumpy squealed and grabbed hold of Piggle. “I am talking,” Stitch continued, “about the Slumber Party of Doom!”


Stuffed Fables, a new release from Plaid Hat Games, features an imaginative world beautifully illustrated and sculpted alongside an engaging rule set. But when gamers first see Stuffed Fables hit the table, the first thing to catch their eye will be the game’s gorgeous Storybook – a 104-page narrative world book, scenario guide, and game board, all in one.

A World in a Book


People who love to read say that opening a book transports them to a different universe. Stuffed Fables uses that same kind of magic to literally throw players into the pages of its storybook and experience the world through the eyes of the stuffies.


When the Storybook is opened and laid flat on the table, the left page shows an illustration, often a map, that the stuffies can move around on and explore, while the right page offers text and icons that direct the story, player choices, special rules, and other surprises along the way.


The Stuffed Fables Storybook is truly a world within a book, with over 100 pages and dozens of locations to explore. The game isn’t limited to a couple of game boards or a few tiles, but instead has total freedom on each page to transport the players to a new setting.

A New Adventure at Every Turn



You’ll leap through all kinds of terrain and fight many enemies, but the Storybook's variety goes further than that. You might find characters to chat with, or special locations to investigate. Some pages even forego the grid-map completely and allow for a more narrative-oriented page where the choices of the players determine the fate of the stuffies in a totally unique way, such as flying down a mountain of toys in a red wagon.



Every time an adventure directs players to go to the next page, a sense of excitement emerges in seeing what happens next! Each turn could feature a brand new location, a familiar location with a new element, or a shocking twist players didn’t expect!


Stuffed Fables is a wonderful story, but unlike stories that we read, its Storybook puts players in the middle of the action, and engages them in the choices of the characters to determine the story’s outcome.


In a way that is completely unique to Stuffed Fables, you’ll be inside the story, driving it along, transported to the world of the stuffies for an adventure you’ll never forget.