Stop Thief! 2nd Edition

Stop Thief! 2nd Edition

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Stop Thief! is the restoration of the 1979 Parker Brothers classic. It was one of the first games to use electronics to drive gameplay and one of the first to use hidden movement.

It has been restored to make it cutting edge for our time. A free app offers a wide range of brilliant sound effects, cluing you into where the thief is hiding. It also packs a whole bunch of different ways to play into the box, and add even more later on.

The new 2nd edition comes with a pack of thief cards with special abilities designed for cooperative play. The fully updated app offers a ton of value, including improved thief AI, fully customizable difficulty settings, retro mode, and more. A new power for the green investigator works for all play modes. A great value for family game night.


  • 1 game board
  • 6 custom investigator meeples
  • 6 investigator license cards
  • 12 competitive thief cards
  • 10 cooperative thief cards
  • 36 movement cards
  • 42 money cards

The free "Restoration Games" app is required to play Stop Thief! and features difficulty settings, customized thief movement, retro mode and more.