Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Twin Shadows Expansion

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Twin Shadows Expansion

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The Galactic Civil War has spilled over to the Outer Rim. A band of Rebel operatives is now embroiled in combat with deadly Imperial troops, crazed Sandpeople, and relentless bounty hunters as they frantically search for the meaning behind the presence of a Star Destroyer orbiting Tatooine...

Twin Shadows brings your Imperial Assault experience to the desolate planet of Tatooine. New map tiles display dingy Mos Eisley cantinas, the forbidding Jundland Wastes, and even the daunting bridge of a Star Destroyer. New heroes, items, classes, and more offer depth to any campaign. In addition, six entirely new missions invite you to play a self-contained mini campaign or expand the breadth of a full campaign.

You'll also find more Star Wars excitement in your head-to-head skirmishes with this expansion's new Deployment and Command cards. Lead groups of Tusken Raiders into battle, march in step with Heavy Stormtroopers, or team up with C-3PO and R2-D2 as you decide the fate of Tatooine and the Rebel Alliance.


  • 2 Hero Figures
  • 4 Heavy Stormtroopers Figures
  • 4 Tusken Raider Figures
  • 11 Deployment Cards
  • 6 Agenda Cards
  • 4 Side Mission Cards
  • 5 Reward Cards
  • 2 Supply Cards
  • 6 Item Cards
  • 2 Skirmish Mission Cards
  • 18 Hero Class Cards
  • 9 Imperial Class Cards
  • 3 Command Cards
  • 2 Hero Sheets
  • 4 Condition Cards
  • 12 Map Tiles
  • 5 Condition Tokens
  • 8 Device Tokens
  • 4 Ally and Villain Tokens
  • 10 Damage Tokens
  • 6 Strain Tokens
  • 8 ID Tokens
  • 24 ID Stickers
  • 1 Skirmish Rulesheet
  • 1 Rulebook