Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Return to Hoth Expansion

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Return to Hoth Expansion

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The Imperial Navy has located the Rebellion's temporary home at Echo Base and launched a devastating attack! The Rebels scramble to escape from the surface of Hoth, desperately searching for shelter on the system's nearby planets. Danger is everywhere: Imperial forces patrol constantly, and the Empire's spies search the system for Rebels. Only the bravest heroes would dare to return to Hoth...

Travel back to the frigid ice-plans of Hoth in a new Expansion for Imperial AssaultReturn to Hoth offers a new campaign with sixteen brand-new missions that begins in the frantic aftermath of the Battle of Hoth. Your desperate struggle to protect the Rebel refugees brings you across the Outer Rim, but you'll soon find yourself among the abandoned ruins of Echo Base itself with a desperate plan to stop an Imperial attack! Three all-new heroes join the fight in this expansion, working alongside Princess Leia to oppose the Empire's forces, while new map tiles, items, classes, and rewards bring you deeper into the Star Wars adventure.

Return to Hoth also features new figures and Command cards to provide exciting new strategies for each faction during your head-to-head skirmishes. You can field deadly HK Assassin Droids, elite Imperial snowtroopers, reliable Echo Base Infantry, or the deadly bounty hunter, Dengar. Entirely new skirmish missions feature snow-covered maps and new Command card help you lead your troops to victory!


  • 3 Hero Figures
  • 6 Snowtrooper Figures
  • 4 HK Assassin Droid Figures
  • 2 Wampa Figures
  • 1 SC2-M Repulsor Tank Figure
  • 17 Deployment Cards
  • 6 Agenda Cards
  • 8 Story Mission Cards
  • 3 Side Mission Cards
  • 4 Threat Mission Cards
  • 11 Reward Cards
  • 4 Supply Cards
  • 9 Item Cards
  • 4 Skirmish Mission Cards
  • 28 Hero Class Cards
  • 18 Imperial Class Cards
  • 9 Command Cards
  • 3 Hero Sheets
  • 4 Condition Cards
  • 37 Map Tiles
  • 5 Condition Tokens
  • 2 Recon Tokens
  • 5 Ally and Villain Tokens
  • 14 Damage Tokens
  • 13 Strain Tokens
  • 8 ID Tokens
  • 24 ID Stickers
  • 1 Skirmish Map Sheet
  • 1 Rulebook