Space Empires: Replicators Expansion

Space Empires: Replicators Expansion

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Science Fiction
Play Time:
180 Minutes or Less
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Hexagon Grid

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Replicators is the second expansion to Space Empires: 4X. There are 4 major parts to this expansion:

Replicators: Von-Neumann Machines (or Replicators) are self-replicating machines. They have been added to the game and may be played by one player in the game. So much more than just adding a 5th player, they add an empire that plays completely differently than a normal empire. It's simpler to play, but has its own challenges and difficulties. They behave, research, and produce differently than other empires and they have their own Empire Advantages.

Terrain Tiles: Hex-sized terrain tiles have been added for planets, asteroids, nebulae, and other permanent terrain effects. Six whole sheet and 120 tiles! When na exploration marker reveals a terrain effect that stays on the map, the exploration marker is removed and replaced by a tile. This gives the map a nice visual effect and creates more room in the hexes.

Resource Deck: Each player is dealt his own (random) Resource deck at the start of the game. These cards can be used as an event or turned in for CP. Some cards impact battles, exploration, economics, almost every aspect of the game - they add some unpredictable twists and can impact your strategy.

New Ships & Terrain: More new stuff has been added, including the Galactic Capital (which comes with its own scenario), Regional Map, Space Pirates, Fold in Space, Battle Carriers (BV), Fighters 4s, Advanced Destroyers (DDX), Advanced Raiders (RX), 2 new Empire Advantages, 2 new Alien Tech Cards, and some additional and corrected counters.


  • 2 Counter Sheets
  • 6 Terrain Tile Sheets (120 Tiles)
  • 1 Deck of Resource Cards
  • 4 Player Aid Cards
  • Production Pad - Replicators
  • Production Pad - No Facilities
  • Production Pad - Facilities
  • Combined Rule/Scenario Book