Smash Up: That '70s Expansion

Smash Up: That '70s Expansion

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Can You Dig It?

Right on! Hop in the Waywaywayback Machine and join Smash Up in the dy-no-mite '70s! Few decades have had as much style as the '70s, and it created some memorable factions we knew you'd want to use to smash bases. We had to give them to you, because, you loves ya, baby?

The Disco Dancers know the strength of dancing together, and can really shake things up when they copy each other. The Kung Fu Fighters make power flow like water among themselves, and even from their enemies. The Truckers move themselves and their load across the bases, all while sticking it to corrupt law enforcement. And the Vigilantes dish out hard-nosed justice like no others. Solid!


  • 4 Factions with 20 Cards Each
  • 8 Base Cards
  • 4 Card Dividers
  • 1 Token Sheet
  • Rulelbook