Shards of Infinity: Into the Horizon Expansion

Shards of Infinity: Into the Horizon Expansion

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The shards have awoken...

You are a Shard Master and time is running short. Monsters called the Ingeminex slaughter your people, foreign armies gather at your borders, and every night you can hear your shard whispering in your dreams.

"The last war is here," it says. "I offer you the power to crush your enemies, to gather all the shards, and rule the world. Will you take it, or will you be destroyed?"

Into the Horizon is an expansion to the critically acclaimed Shards of Infinity Deckbuilding Game.

- Fight against menacing Monsters to collect great rewards.
- Fulfill incredible Destinies to refine and enhance your strategy each game.
- Limitless strategy. infinite Power. It's time to end the war by whatever means necessary.
- Deckbuilding, Card Drafting


  • 60 Cards
  • Rulesheet