Railways of the World 10th Anniversary Edition

Railways of the World 10th Anniversary Edition

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Welcome to Railways of the World (ROTW), an expandable system of railroad games. Included in this box are all of the components necessary to support and supplement the expansion games.

-Create your own railroad and issue bonds to raise needed capital
-Build track and link cities of your choice
-Compete for the most profitable routes and collect service bounties for new routes
-Deliver valuable goods and reap greater profits for longer deliveries
-Upgrade your locomotive and travel the longer, more lucrative routes
-Invest in city growth by urbanizing in order to produce more goods
-Become the wealthiest and most powerful railroad baron of all time!


  • 150 Plastic Locomotives
  • 125 Wooden Goods Cubes
  • 24 Engine Placards
  • Stack of Cash in Three Denominations
  • 20 Plastic Sculpted Empty City Markers
  • 54 Bond Certificates
  • 31 ROEUS Railroad Operations
  • 12 ROEUS Barons
  • 6 ROEUS Player Reference Cards
  • 38 ROM Railroad Operations
  • 12 ROM Barons
  • 4 ROM Barons
  • 217 Railroad Track Tiles
  • 10th Anniversary Components (Updated and Revised Rulebook, 2 Updated Maps for Railways of Eastern US and Mexico, Updated and Revised Railroad Operations, Rail Baron, and Reference Cards, Wooden First Player Marker, Custom Insert)