Paper Tales

Paper Tales

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Experience centuries of fantasy kingdoms in Paper Tales! Transform characters and buildings in each period based on your developments and the age of your heroes. Write a new legend of the rightful ruler who brought unity to the rival kingdoms!

Paper Tales is a simultaneous card drafting game. Each turn, players draft units that they recruit into their kingdom. Units determine the players’ ability to shine in battle, generate income, construct buildings, and earn legend points. New units need to be drafted as your units grow older using the game’s unique Unit Aging System!

Build a comprehensive strategy, adapt the shape of your realm according to opportunities, and make history in Paper Tales!


  • 81 Unit cards 
  • 25 Building cards 
  • 5 Player’s Aid cards 
  • 1 Score track 
  • 5 wooden Score tokens 
  • 1 wooden Time token 
  • 40 Gold tokens 
  • 30 Age tokens