Orleans: Invasion Expansion

Orleans: Invasion Expansion

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Orléans: Invasion, the first large expansion for the awardwinning game Orléans, contains six scenarios designed by Reiner Stockhausen and Inka & Markus Brand. It also includes a new set of Place Tiles that can be used with or without any of the scenarios.

The new scenarios are:

Prosperity: An extensive scenario introducing new Events and a Carpenter that all players may use to build Structures for victory points, designed by Inka and Markus Brand.

Invasion: A cooperative scenario in which players have to work together to fend off an invasion while fulfilling personal objectives, designed by Inka and Markus Brand.

The Duel: A two-player scenario in which both players race to be the first to complete a series of objectives, designed by Reiner Stockhausen. In addition, Invasion contains three single-player challenges by Reiner Stockhausen.

The Dignitary: You are an important dignitary trying to gather as many Citizens as possible.

Capital Vierzon: Develop the city of Vierzon to become the capital of its region.

Traveling Salesman: Travel through the country and make important deliveries to faraway cities.