Marvel Champions LCG: Core Set

Marvel Champions LCG: Core Set

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Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game that sees players embody Marvel heroes battling to thwart the schemes of dastardly villains. In the game, players will call on iconic allies, harness powerful weapons and armor, and unleash devastating tactics as they battle to defeat the villains of the Marvel universe.

In every scenario of Marvel Champions: The Card Game, the heroes face a powerful villain pushing a unique scheme, as well as their own personal enemies that can be shuffled into the hero deck. One very turn, players will have to decide whether to play as a superhero and fight the villain directly, or change into their alter-ego to recover damage, prepare their forces, and fight the villain indirectly—presenting an interesting strategic decision every turn. If the heroes can defeat the villain before they complete their dastardly scheme, the heroes win the game.


- Marvel Champions: The Card Game brings the heroes of the Marvel universe to life in a cooperative adventure.

- Escalating scenarios provide plenty of replayability,as players can select a difficulty that fits how they want to play the game.

- Choosing between jumping into the action as a hero or plotting your next move in your alter ego makes gameplay tense and tactical.

- Simple deckbuilding and Hero Packs that come with pre-built decks help players get started.

- As a Living Card Game, continuing releases of Hero Packs and Scenario Packs give you new ways to play, while Story Boxes offer a larger addition to the game

- Art drawn directly from the comics brings the Marvel heroes to life

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    Great game, little too much luck

    Posted by pjjay21 on May 13th 2020

    Great game, lots of fun. However, the game can be a bit too much luck-dependent (especially in solo mode). Additionally, insert in box doesn't really fit what it's designed for out of the box without having to purchase additional stuff. Relatively expensive for what it is (essentially just cards), but carries the Marvel name. All that being said, game is a lot of fun and addicting!

  • 3
    Marvel champions

    Posted by David Cummings on Dec 5th 2019

    The components of this game are high quality. the cards look good and have (at least mostly) original art. there are a lot of fiddly bits like counters, chits, and cards (not the main cards but smaller status cards) that seem like a lot to keep track of. i mean both physically when storing the game and possibly in game as well.

  • 5
    Great Game

    Posted by THAi32 on Nov 22nd 2019

    So much fun playing this so far. Love the different character play styles, easy rules, differing villains. It all means interesting decisions to be made. Count me in for more!