In Flames RPG: Chimera (Clearance)

In Flames RPG: Chimera (Clearance)

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An Awesome Technologywith a Sinister Purpose 

Move aside, ultratech. The new nanotechnology discovered in the caverns of Cloudgraintechis advanced beyond the understanding of even the most intelligent Shalk scientists in the Fire Councils employ. The greatest technological advances of recent times have come from decoding the barest fraction of graintech. 

But is it as it seems? With the proliferation of these new technologies, the controlling intellect that manipulates the machines within Cloud extends its influenceand it wants revenge!

Chimera is a sourcebook for this new technology, detailing devices that have become reality through the graintech work of Project Chimeraalong with the hidden perils of this new tech. 

For the unique and intriguing In Flames RPG 
Everyone loves a book of new gadgets, weapons, and armor!