Guilds of London: Wards of London Expansion

Guilds of London: Wards of London Expansion

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London is a City Divided...

Wards of London is an expansion for the strong selling Guilds of London base game, providing components and rules for playing with a fifth player - and more! Veto tokens let you stop neutral liverymen from messing up your plans. Coin tokens let you pay costs without discarding cards. New plantations increase the variability from game to game. And of course, many new guild tiles to add to the existing ones.


  • 25 ‘Ward’ Guild Tiles
  • 14 Guild Tiles
  • 3 Plantation Tiles
  • 2 Neutral Liverman Pawns
  • 1 Golden Beedle Pawn
  • 15 2nd Place Reward Tokens
  • 10 Veto Tokens
  • 10 Coin Tokens
  • 20 Action Cards
  • 5 Mayoral Reward Cards
  • Rulebook