Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

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Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion is a fully stand alone and cooperative campaign game of tactical combat set in the same unique fantasy world as its predecessor. Players will assume the roles of 4 new hardened mercenaries and work together to fight through a new prequel campaign full of choices, challenges, and twists. New built in tutorials, Learn-to-Play Guide, and play-surface scenario books allow players to jump into the action more quickly and easily than ever before. Playable as a stand-alone game or as an expansion to Gloomhaven.

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  • 5
    Great Intro to Gloomhaven

    Posted by Caleb on Sep 17th 2020

    I own Gloomhaven. My wife and I have enjoyed it quite a bit. I wish I had played this first. It is a great way to learn the game. We haven't finished the entire tutorial yet but this left my wife itching to play the original. This one is a bit more streamlined. It is by no means a simple game, however.

    If you have never tried Gloomhaven due to cost or learning curve, this is your best shot.

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    Where have you been all my life?

    Posted by K. Catton on Sep 5th 2020

    Well not really. But this would have been nice to use to learn gloomhaven before the monster-sized box. This is a great entryway to gloomhaven, and a lovely stopping point as a great game on its own if you don't want to delve deeper.

  • 5
    Excellent intro to Gloomhaven

    Posted by John Potter on Aug 20th 2020

    This is the best place to start Gloomhaven. It has a few (5) tutorial missions/scenarios to start the game that teach how to play really well. My wife had never played GH before, but picked it up pretty smoothly. There are some streamlined things from the original, but I haven't missed any of the things that aren't here. The scenario book has the maps printed right on it, so setup time is much quicker than the original. This is the best way to start playing Gloomhaven.

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    Great Intro

    Posted by Ken on Aug 19th 2020

    Having played quite a bit of Gloomhaven, this was easy to jump into. The new classes are very fun and the scenario book makes setup a breeze. We've used this version to introduce two less experienced board gamers to Gloomhaven with great success. Definitely recommend to both first timers and experienced players.

  • 5
    Great Game

    Posted by Don on Aug 17th 2020

    This is a fun and easy game to get into if you want to get into Gloomhaven. It might not be that easy if you only played game like Monopoly-

  • 5

    Posted by Collin on Aug 16th 2020

    I preordered and received this game on time with accurate shipping tracking.

    The game itself is really fun. I've played through about 10 scenarios thus far (by myself, but that's a pandemic for you). I've played the Hatchet and Red Guard and they are a fun play.

    I thought the tutorial was really good, but I've also played some of base Gloomhaven (20 scenarios or so) so I knew how to play before purchasing this.

    Great game!

  • 5
    Better than the original!

    Posted by dshiell on Aug 15th 2020

    The new classes are great, better scenario design, faster setup!