Food Chain Magnate

Food Chain Magnate

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100% Dice Free! Producing high-quality, well-tested, original burgers is one of our main jobs here at Gluttony, Inc. There's no such thing as luck - skill wins every time! Designed to seat groups of 2-5 diners, Food Chain Magnate offers good old-fashioned fun served with your choice of strategies! Using a card-driven (human) resource management system, players in Food Chain Magnate oversee the workings of a fast-food chain, competing on a variable city map through purchasing, marketing, sales, and hiring key staff members. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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  • 5
    Food Chain Magnate

    Posted by Peter on Oct 27th 2019

    This game rocketed to my top ten of all time after my first three plays. I was put off by the art initially and do think the graphic design is holding this game back. (Ian O'Toole gets his hands on it and it reaches top 5 of all time on BGG)

    The gameplay is everything I want out of a strategy game. Other than the initial turn order there is no luck. It is all about analyzing the initial variable layout results and then out thinking your opponent(s) and reacting to their choices. I can't wait to receive the expansion.

  • 5
    Always want to play another

    Posted by Greg on Jun 17th 2018

    This game is fantastic as it has so many strategy paths that also need to be altered to remain competitive as the game evolves. Highly recommend for those who love board games.

  • 5
    Difficult and Cut throat, but fun

    Posted by Matt Stokes on May 6th 2018

    This game is heavy, not that the rules are difficult to grasp, but that there is just so much to choose from. In your first several games you don't know if what you are doing is best, as there are so many paths to choose. The game forces you to try and take on your opponents and steal their market share all while trying to optimize your own corporate structure. It is rewarding, in that your victory feels earned and that you were able to out maneuver your opponents.

  • 5
    Amazing game

    Posted by Luis Trujillo on May 6th 2018

    I don’t always review a product but this game is a blast to play but be careful it gets really competitive.