Fifth Edition Fantasy RPG: #21 The Cursed Crones of the Enchanted Grove (PREORDER)

Fifth Edition Fantasy RPG: #21 The Cursed Crones of the Enchanted Grove (PREORDER)

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The village of Dreigrenzdal has an enormous problem! On the morning of the town’s annual Spring Market Festival, the chieftain of a clan of neighboring stone giants is found asleep in the town square. When all attempts to awaken the giant fail, the characters must venture into an enchanted grove called the Cradle Wood to search for answers. There, they are caught up in an ancient feud between a hag named Goodie Grimjaw and her wicked sisters.

Can the heroes help Goodie maintain the sorcerous ritual that keeps her evil sisters in check? Or will the party fall prey to the machinations of Goodie’s cursed elder sisters, Gertie and Grizzie, and their steel-toothed, construct minions?"

The Cursed Crones of the Enchanted Grove is an all new 5E wilderness crawl adventure suitable for an introductory group of 1st level characters.

Written by William Fischer, with cover art by David Griffith.

"This adventure module is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s first fantasy role playing game, and is ready to play in your home campaign.

Contains several newly-designed unique magic items.