Epic Spell Wars Of The Battle Wizards: Rumble At Castle Tentakill

Epic Spell Wars Of The Battle Wizards: Rumble At Castle Tentakill

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Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill - Shameless, Taboo "Wizard on Wizard" Spell-to-Face Play!

As a Battle Wizard trapped in the endless trenches of unbridled, masochistic depravity - aka Rumble at Castle Tentakill - your sole purpose is to taste the sweet blood nectar of your foe. Still thirsty? Invite more foes.

Viciously reign over the 2-6 wizard battlefield while using all the powers and debaucheries available to you mojo fingers. A deceivingly simple (up to) 3 card spell lures your one-time "friend" in and then spits out a smoldering mound of what looks like brown pudding covered with hair.

To topple Castle Tentakill you will summon forth Wealthy Brain-Eating Squirrels, Muscle-Bound Land Sharks, Sexsquatches, Jell-Squares, Carnivorous Clowns, Fart Knights, Pimped Imps, and many other absurd adjective and noun combinations. That's how twisted this battle is - conventional grammar no longer applies. It's Anarchy!

Do you have the testicular fortitude to end this EpicWar? Have the 20 exclamation points in this description pushed your excitement butoon? Let's DO THIS!!!!!!!

Unleash a barrage of spells on your opponent so savage, it will singe their mom's nipples!

Key Features: 

  • Stand-alone game AND 100% compatible with the original game!
  • 128 All-New spell-tacular cards to wreak havoc with crazy combos!
  • 8 New Wizards to duke it out with!
  • Supports 2 to 6 players
  • Adds mythical Creatures, rivers of Blood and battle-altering Reactions!
  • New "Quick-Match" mode for a faster way to beat down fools!


  • 128 Spell cards
  • 25 Treasure cards
  • 25 Dead Wizard cards
  • 8 oversized Hero cards
  • 7 Last Wizard Standing tokens
  • 6 Blood counters
  • 6 Skull Life counters
  • 4 six-sided dice
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 Castle Tentakill!!