Epic Encounters: Caverns of the Frost Giant (5E)

Epic Encounters: Caverns of the Frost Giant (5E)

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Made for new and experienced players, every Epic Encounters set features an all-in-one boxed encounter that's 5E compatible and ready to play.

Caverns of the Frost Giant will slide you into the fray against a hard headed frost giant! Inside, you'll find everything you need to run a chilling encounter, including a highly detailed frost giant mini and enough prompts and stats to illuminate your imagination. Tread carefully when entering the giant's frozen lair. These tyrants have a nasty habit of laying murderous traps...


  • 1 Frost Giant Miniature
  • 12 Grimfang Orc Tokens
  • 6 Trap Tokens
  • 1 Double-Sided Game Mat
  • 1 Adventure Book (with Monster Stats)
  • Tips & Tricks for Running an Awesome Encounter (that work for any RPG game)