Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham Expansion

Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham Expansion

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The Gates of Arkham expansion provides new and horrifying Ancient Ones, monsters, and mythos cards that will challenge even the most seasoned investigators. In addition to new allies, spells, and items that can be used while adventuring in the museum, the investigators are presented with a new adventure set in the familiar streets and locations of Arkham.

As gates to Other Worlds open across these new locales, investigators must utilize all of their resources to travel through and seal these eldritch portals before all of Arkham is consumed by this grasping dread.


  • 1 Rulesheet
  • 4 Ancient One Cards
  • 8 Investigator Cards
  • 78 Adventure Cards
  • 8 Other World Cards
  • 1 Entrance Card
  • 8 Membership Cards
  • 10 Common and Unique Item Cards
  • 22 Spell, Skill, and Ally Cards
  • 30 Mythos Cards
  • 25 Event Cards
  • 8 Investigator Markers
  • 9 Monster Markers
  • 6 Gate Markers
  • 6 Sanity and Stamina Tokens
  • 2 Doom Tokens
  • 6 Seal Tokens