Dune: The Board Game

Dune: The Board Game

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Science Fiction
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180 Minutes or Less
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Area Majority / Influence
Imagine you control the forces of a noble family, guild, or religious order on a barren planet which is the only source for the most valuable substance in the known universe. Imagine you can rewrite the script for one of the most famous science fiction books of all time.

In Dune, you will become the leader of one of six great factions. Each wishes to control the most valuable resource in the universe - melange, the mysterious spice only found at great cost on the planet Dune. As Duke Leto Atreides says, "All fades before Melange. A handful of spice will buy a home on Tupile. It cannot be manufactured; it must be mined on Arrakis. It is unique and it has true geriatric properties." And without melange, space travel would be impossible. Only by ingesting the addictive drug can the Guild Steersman continue to experience visions of the future, enabling them to plot a safe path through hyperpsace.

  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 6 Player Shields
  • 6 Player Sheets
  • 2 Battle Wheels
  • 119 Cards
  • 324 Tokens

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  • 5
    Dune Boardgame

    Posted by Ali Samiian on Jan 17th 2020

    I agree with previous reviewers regarding how good this game is.
    Noteworthy is that I ordered a "Ding & Dent" at a discounted rate. In between my order and fulfillment, they ran out of damaged copies and so they shipped me what is clearly a pristine copy at the discount price!! Game Nerdz treats the customers well and keeps it's word! I was not just happy with the product, but very pleased with the service I received, which was prompt and properly packed shipment that ended up exceeding my expectations.

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    Dune: The Board Game

    Posted by odorikomi on Nov 13th 2019

    I own the original Avalon Hill game and all the expansions: this game is so good, I bought the new edition just to be sure I will always have one.

  • 5
    High Quality and Great Design

    Posted by Nathan on Nov 10th 2019

    Everything in the box is significantly higher quality than most of the games on the market, especially at this price point. The graphic design is fantastic and really captures the essence of the Dune universe. It's clear a lot of thought and care went into this game.

    The gameplay is also great. It's complex enough to hold your attention and give you multiple routes to explore, but it also is understandable for new players

  • 5
    Exceeds Expectations

    Posted by JLS on Nov 9th 2019

    I'm a huge fan of all things Dune, so when I heard they were re-issuing the boardgame I was thrilled. Then I read that the game has what many consider the best gaming mechanics of all time and got even more excited. I pretty much thought that was the ceiling for me...and then I got my copy and opened it.

    Kull wahad...

    I didn't expect the pieces to be cheap by any means, but I had NO idea everything would be so high quality. Yes, the little token pieces (of which there are a TON) are cardboard, but it's more like the next step up—this is solid stuff, feels durable, and everything is printed perfectly...it's a quality production, for sure.

    The actual game itself is somewhere inside the 25+ pages of instructions, and can apparently take an average of 2 hours per game which, having gone over those instructions several times, seems necessary but not at all daunting. It really does seem like it'll be a fantastic game to play, especially once we've got enough experience to try the advanced gameplay options.

    All in all, 1000% happy with this, especially having gotten it here (it's twice as much everywhere else as of this writing)

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Day / ADMW Games on Nov 8th 2019

    A+ I ordered 3 of them.