Drawing Dead

Drawing Dead

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The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Cursed to walk both the lands of the living and that of the dead forever unless you can find forty souls of the damned to trade for your own. Forty?! And after a hundred years looking, you only have fifteen. Your last chance is the eternal poker game at the Crossroads Saloon. A game where neither the stakes nor the other players are ordinary. Can you lie, cheat, and steal your way to redemption?

Drawing Dead is a card game in which you assume the roles of the damned, using their special powers to improve your own hand, or weaken your opponents'. If you can keep the best hand for an entire round, you'll win the pot. Win enough and the eternal rest is yours.


  • 53 Card Poker Deck
  • 15 Drawing Dead Role Cards
  • 1 Button Token
  • 40 Poker Chips
  • Rule Book