Dragon Shield: Cube Shell (Forest Green)

Dragon Shield: Cube Shell (Forest Green)

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Forest green, dense and lush.

Boost your cube with the new and improved Dragon Shield Cube Shells™. Cube Shells™ are compact, sturdy deck boxes with a secure closure mechanism. The elegant new design allows cards to slide in and out unobstructed. 

Cube Shells™ are ideal as booster packs for Cube drafting your favorite card games. They are also great boxes for sideboards, side decks, tokens, extra decks, or just to sort and order cards for board games. Sending multiple cards in the mail? Cube Shells™ safeguard cards during shipment. Each Cube Shell™ has a writing field on the bottom for personalization. 

  • Cube Shells™ are compatible with Magic Carpets, Deck Shells & Double Shells.
  • Each Cube Shells™ fits 20 single-sleeved cards, 15 double-sleeved cards, or 48 12mm D6 dice.

*No cards or accessories included