Dominations: Road to Civilization - Provinces Expansion

Dominations: Road to Civilization - Provinces Expansion

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In Dominations, the world evolves around you and your opponents as you vie to leave your mark on history. But what if you weren't the only Nations out there? IN Provinces, you'll discover new and unique peoples and can benefit from their knowledge and resources by bringing them into your Civilization.

In Provinces, your growing civilization will come into contact with other nations each turn in the form of a new selection of land tiles.

Conquer and integrate these new peoples into your empire whether it be through trade, culture, or more aggressive means. Once they are under your control, these new lands act exactly like a land tile as well as granting you unique rewards! You can also call upon the aid of the Spy, replacing the Diplomat and giving you an edge when dealing with these new civilizations.


  • 24 Province Land Tiles
  • 24 Province Cards
  • 40 Conquest Cards
  • 40 Rebellion Cards
  • 1 Domination Card
  • 24 Mastery Cards
  • 4 Omen Cards
  • 1 Hegemon Tile