Digimon: Figure-rise Standard Amplified Dukemon/Gallantmon Model Kit

Digimon: Figure-rise Standard Amplified Dukemon/Gallantmon Model Kit

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Figure-rise Standard Amplified

A series which amplifies the features of characters while paying respect to their original designs. and which also combines playability unique to plastic model kits.

Dukemon / Gallantmon

This Digimon was featured in the Digimon Tamers TV anime series. It is a Mega Digimon created through Matrix Evolution when Tamer Takato Matsuda merged with his partner Digimon Guilmon. Despite having a Digital Hazard symbol, a symbol that indicates that the Digimon may be a threat to the world, it is one of the Royal Knights that protect the world. The holy knight with an ambivalent human heart has been AMPLIFIED.

- The hands can be attached/removed. Holy Lance Gram and Holy Shield Aegis can be directly attached to the arms. The armament equipping scenes where the arms transform from the series can be recreated.

- The design of the Holy Lance Gram equipped on the right arm has been arranged to have a blade-like form. The weapon has gimmicks unique to the kit where the outer layer can unfold and the blade can be extended.

- The cape is made of PET materials with both hard and soft textures. The divided structure in the base of the cape enables the recreation of movements that match various poses.

- Clear parts have been adopted to enhance the iconic design of Holy Shield Aegis. The shield has a gimmick unique to the kit where effects extend out of the edges.