DC Comics Deck Building Game: Multiverse Box

DC Comics Deck Building Game: Multiverse Box

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Our reality is one of many. The DC Multiverse encompasses an ever-expanding realm of elseworld tales, alternate timelines, dreamed realities, parallel worlds, and possible futures. Like the Multiverse itself, the DC Deck-Building Game continues to expand and now there is finally a place to contain it all. Inside the DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box, you can store all of the currently available cards with plenty of room for expansions to come, including the Multiverse Crossover Pack based on the "Convergence" storyline that is available exclusively in this box!

With the included Crossover Pack, you take control of one of the Multiverse Locations in this competitive game. You have both Super Heroes and Super-Villains working alongside you as you try to best your foes. One of the great new additions to this set are Events, which are big-time happenings in the DC Universe. Each new Event creates a secondary Line-Up, utilizing a random set of cards from your collection. If you’ve even wanted to play with all of your cards at once, but didn’t want to shuffle a 500-card main deck, this box set is for you!


  • 33 New Game Cards
  • 7 Oversized Multiverse Location Cards
  • 22 Dividers
  • 6 Foam Spacers

Requires a DC Comics Deck-Building Game set to play.

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    Very interesting, but time consuming, way to play

    Posted by Zutroy on Sep 18th 2017

    I started playing the DC deck-building game a few months ago after getting bored of dominion and I was looking for something a bit more exciting. When I first bought the DC game I went with the Teen Titan starter pack and I had a lot of fun mixing the base game with all of the expansions and seeing what new combinations we could come up with.

    When they introduce the Multiverse box I thought it would be a perfect fit, a way to play with all the expansions at once in a new game mode and for the most part I think they succeeded. To begin with, having cards that let you choose from the Multiverse is very exciting, but this is also one of my biggest issues with the game. It is very intensive on the person who is control of the cards. What I mean by this is that there are various cards that let you choose one random card from a random set so we need to go through your randomizer cards and pick a set, the game starts to get a little crazy with all the various sets that are in play. The real issue comes when you have two different cards asking for conflicting things. It is not something that is impossible to do, but it requires a lot of sorting shuffling Andrey sorting by the person in charge and after a while this can make the game take quite a long amount of time. In contrast to the crisis Co-op modes I would say the game time is roughly the same though I don't have a large enough sample size to really give a clear answer. The only other glaring issue I have is that some of the wind conditions are not very feasible. I still do not see how any game can defeat the final boss before each of the Champions have already been bought. Furthermore, while I do believe that most of the Multiverse locations are well-balanced I do believe that fawcet city is by far the worst and needed some sort of tweaking to be more viable in the game type.

    All that being said, the game type is a lot of fun and it is very cool playing with two lineups and having different events and sets coming in all the time. Well the game does get chaotic and can be a little crazy at times overall I found it to be a thrilling experience that is in my opinion, far superior to the crisis co-op mode and is at least on par with any variation of the base set and their expansions.

    Even if you bought this box solely to store all of your various cards I still believe it would be a good idea. The box is well-made and sturdy and the only time I had an issue with it was when you try to grab the box with one hand. I could see and feel the cardboard getting warped so make sure you are careful when moving it.

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    Great Idea

    Posted by Cwalter on Sep 17th 2017

    I really love this box! Lots of room to store all the cards with room for lots more. The only thing keeping it from being 5 stars is the lack of a spot for the oversized cards. They have to go in sideways which messes up the filing system a bit. Otherwise though, I love having the extra shelf space due to having one box instead of 12!