Dark Souls: The Card Game

Dark Souls: The Card Game

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Dark Souls: The Card Game is a cooperative deck evolution card game for 1-4 players. As you explore, you will face a myriad of foes. Defeat them, and you will gain souls and treasure you can use to evolve your deck to better fight your enemies. When you are ready, challenge the powerful bosses that lie within; only by conquering them can you choose the fate of the world.

You must walk a narrow path, however, for the deck which allows you to attack enemies also represents you health: as you deplete it, your strength is diminished. Only resting at the bonfire can refresh you, so you must defeat your enemies while also preserving strength for the greater challenges ahead. Thinking quickly and adapting to the enemy's attacks are key to survival.

A misstep can be fatal, but the rewards of success are great. Adapt your strategy, evolve your deck, and prepare to die.


  • 4 Character Data Cards
  • 112 Starting Deck Cards
  • 5 Bonfire Cards
  • 96 Stamina Cards
  • 20 Remnant of Humanity Cards
  • 30 Encounter Cards
  • 50 Enemy Cards
  • 40 Boss Cards
  • 3 Playing Boards
  • 61 Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook