Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Dominion Expansion

Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Dominion Expansion

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Your Time Of Power Is Now!

The forces in the Cosmos have grown. New aliens have appeared, and with their arrival, the tensions between all races have never been higher. Who will reign in this crowded Cosmos? Only time will tell.

In Cosmic Dominion, 30 new alien races explode onto the galaxy! Players will have plans foiled by the wild Joker, mutter silently at the imposing Yin-Yang, roll their eyes at those annoying Tourists, and go absolutely mad from the swirling of the Whirligig!

Cosmic Dominion is a fan-designed expansion adding a new reward deck, variable attacks, and retreats. Finally, fans can use the included ship markers to play exciting new variants or even create their own!


  • 30 Alien Sheets
  • 32 Reward Cards
  • 30 Flare Cards
  • 13 Game Tokens
  • 8 Ship Markers