Cosmic Encounter (42nd Anniversary Edition) (On Sale) (Add to cart to see price)

Cosmic Encounter (42nd Anniversary Edition) (On Sale) (Add to cart to see price)

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Science Fiction
Play Time:
120 Minutes or Less
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Variable Player Powers

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In the far reaches of space, the aliens of the cosmos vie for control of the universe. Alliances are constantly forged and broken in the pursuit of power as starships journey from planet to planet, ready to build colonies and battle foreign powers, ensuring the survival of their people as they spread throughout the stars.

Cosmic Encounter (42nd Anniversary Edition) welcomes new players to the game of infinite possibilities with a freshly revised rulebook and a beautifully illustrated Quick-start Guide that captures the nostalgia of the original game and makes it easy for anyone to learn. The Quick-start Guide's comic book style throws readers back to the 1970s, providing vital insight into the core rules of the game while embracing the fun of a cosmic conquest filled with wacky aliens and outrageous abilities. What's more, with the beautiful translucent ship pieces, spreading your colonies across the galaxy has never been more stylish!

A newly discovered species joins the classic line-up of aliens. You can, of course, play as old favorites such as Mite or Remora, or you can try your hand at leading the ruthless Demon to victory. Previously only released at Cosmic Con, this species was exiled from their original galaxy for unprincipled opportunism. Now they seek cosmic vengeance, using their power to possess other players' hands to bolster their own strength and sap others' will to win.

In addition to this monstrous newcomer, Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition offers you new ways to customize your games with the introduction of Cosmic Combo cards. These carefully assembled cards offer a list of alien species with a brief description of their powers to create themed matchups and explore different types of games. You may find yourself among some Big Time Clubbers or Cellar Dwellers, that can be integrated into three, four, or five-player games.

This edition is compatible with all existing Cosmic Encounter expansions.

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  • 5
    Such a fantastic game

    Posted by C. Acevedo on Sep 13th 2020

    If you love negotiations, player interactions and shenanigans, this game has it all.

    The concept is simple, each player represents an alien race and the goal is to establish 5 colonies on other players home planets. Each player starts the game with 5 home planets and 20 ships (4 per planet). By employing cunning, alliances or sheer force, eaxh turn you will have a chance to extend your fomain to 1 or 2 foreign planets to set your colonies. Be the first to deploy 5 foreign colonies and you are the winner.

    Besides the basics, each player will have an alien race ability, that will set each player apart, giving a different edge to different players will make the interactions more interesting. After tryin this game on TTS, i had to own it. Ended up purchasing pretty much all expansions (extra players, variants, and many more alien races with their unique abilities).