Catan: Traders & Barbarians Expansion

Catan: Traders & Barbarians Expansion

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5 Challenging New Scenarios:

The Fishermen of Catan - Fish in the great lake or try casting in rich coastal shores. A fresh, expanded, and updated version!

The Rivers of Catan - Not one, but two great rivers invite flourishing commerce. Bridge them en route to glory and wealth.

The Caravans - Nomads of the oasis seek wool and grain. Camel caravans offer rich trade opportunities.

Barbarian Attack - Eager for booty, vile barbarians land and occupy Catan's fertile shores. Brave knights unite and ride to battle against the invaders.

Traders and Barbarians - Your wagons transport fine marble, glass, tools, and sand to help restore Catan's great castle.

Combine these novel scenarios to create a refreshing, compelling campaign!


  • 24 Wooden Knights
  • 24 Wooden Bridges
  • 22 Wooden Camels
  • 4 Wooden Wagons
  • 36 Wooden Barbarians
  • 40 Coin Counters
  • 14 New Terrain and Water Tiles
  • 120 New Cards
  • Special Victory Point Cards and Tokens
  • Variants and Scenarios