Catan: Starfarers

Catan: Starfarers

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Space Exploration
Play Time:
120 Minutes or Less
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Game Mechanics:

Finally, a jump to the stars has succeeded! It is the middle of the 3rd millennium. You and your fellow Catanians travel in spaceships to distant planetary systems in search of more resources. Along the way, you befriend alien civilizations who might become valued trading partners.

Increase your resource production to build new transport ships and spaceports. Equip yourself against the lurking danger of space pirates. Many exciting encounters await you!

Twenty years ago, the settlers have already started into the depths of the galaxy to discover unknown planets. This completely revised reissue of the classic "The Starfarers of Catan™" contains atmospheric illustrations, refined rules and redesigned game components.

The undiscovered universe lies before us and the new variable game plan brings even more variety. Maybe we can find planets with good ore or carbon deposits. But maybe we discover barren ice planets. Or we encounter alien folks and start lucrative trading, while pirates and wormholes are a constant challenge.

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  • 5
    My first CATAN

    Posted by Frank Cachioli on Mar 31st 2020

    Pretty cool game with some serious production.... fun for all!!

  • 5
    Great Revisions to a Classic

    Posted by Cliff Wiggs on Nov 21st 2019

    Having been a big fan of the previous incarnation of this game, I am pleased with the majority of the changes. You must read the entire almanac to find every situational wrinkle, but they smooth out and stream line the game play. I appreciate the flexibility in the variable game setup and our preferred play style is a mixture of the variable setups.