Castle Dukes

Castle Dukes

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As a duke, you have an ambition to build the greatest castle in the land. Unfortunately, there are more than a few dukes in this very same land, and they all have the same fantastic idea. Who will be the one to build the greatest castle and be renown as the Grand Duke?

There are many ways to build your castle, which has different attributes - Defense, Comfort, and Offense. Some like it flimsy but very comfortable, some like it sturdy and tough, but totally dull and not attractive. Each duke has an idea of his own. Rooms add various attributes to your castle, while decors add other bonuses.

The occasional royalty from neighboring lands may pass through and seek hospitality, which si the perfect opportunity to spread fame and glory of how wondrous your castle is. If your castle does not suit his or her taste, they will leave to find better accommodations with your rival dukes! On top of that, the deadly dragon is always lurking along the horizon, read to raze the lands. If your castle is not well fortified, it just might crumble! Of course, even the clumsy hands of your "builders" could spell the downfall of your castle if they topple things over by accident.

Castle Dukes is a 2-in-1 Dexterity Strategy game, and it's 3D to boot!

Combine two sets for up to 8 players!