Battlestations Second Edition: Advanced Rule Book

Battlestations Second Edition: Advanced Rule Book

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You and your friends are crewmates on a starship on amazing voyages where you will fight enemy ships and space monsters, explore strange secrets, make daring rescues and escapes, solve mysteries and save the galaxy!

This book contains the definitive complete Second Edition rules compatibile with the original game pieces or with the new edition.

Within these pages you will find:

  • 60 missions including 35 inspired or designed by famous designers
  • 30 Species
  • 140+ Special Abilities
  • 12 Modules
  • 120+ Pieces of Personal Equipment
  • 50+ Cargo Bay Items
  • 150+ Treasure Items
  • 100+ Starship Layouts

Don't be scared off by this thick book! You only need the bits you need when you need them. You will be 1 character aboard 1 ship in 1 mission at a time. The rest of the depth is there for future missions.

You can play as one-off missions or use the Galactic Civil War campaign system.