Architects of the Colosseum

Architects of the Colosseum

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Glory to Rome and to You

Construction of a new amphitheatre in Rome has been ordered. An amphitheatre so large that it dwarfs all the others - a Colosseum! As a prominent architect, you have been tasked with the planning and building of the colosseum according to the specifications set forth by the Consul. Manage your resources well, and you may be named the Master Architect!

This new game from famed designer Klaus-Jurgen Wrede includes a special insert where the walls of the colosseum are erected as the game is played.


  • 1 Custom Insert for Building Area 
  • 1 Building Area 
  • 1 Game Board 
  • 4 Starting Tiles 
  • 16 Camp Tiles 
  • 58 Landscape Tiles 
  • 20 Colosseum Section Tiles 
  • 72 Resource Cards 
  • 3 Variant Tiles 
  • 1 Consul 
  • 4 Movement Markers 
  • 81 Glory Chips 
  • Rulebook