Agents of Mayhem: Bombshells Expansion

Agents of Mayhem: Bombshells Expansion

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Amp Up Your Forces with the Bombshells!

Adds 4 new Figures - Joule, Volta, Red Card, and Rama, 3 multi-layer Character boards, 36 Gadget and Mayhem cards and 45 Upgrade Tiles.

Call this MAYHEM strike team when only the heaviest of artillery will do. Red Card proves that sometimes a loose cannon is the perfect tool for the job. The ingenious inventor Joule and her machine gun turret, Volta can turn a full-metal jacket into a fashion statement. And expert immunologist Rama can cure any disease - or use it as a weapon.


- Modular Boards, Sci Fi Theme, Humor
- Story-driven and Tactical Skirmish boardgame for 2 Factions
- Customizable and destructible 3D boardgame - because blowing stuff up is fun!