1941: Race to Moscow - Axis Aircraft Expansion

1941: Race to Moscow - Axis Aircraft Expansion

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In 1941: Race to Moscow, players take the roles of chiefs of staff (or quartermasters) of three massive Army Groups, formed from close to 200 divisions, aiming at three targets in the Soviet Union: Moscow, Leningrad, and Rostov. The campaign was planned to be swift and daring, with a goal to reach the objectives before winter.

In this accessory set players will find beautiful plastic Axis airplane miniatures that upgrade the game components, designed to replace the related cardboard components, included in the core game.

The road to Moscow is not paved with roses, though a cover given by Axis aviation can help players to achieve their goal: reaching the Soviet cities!


  • 3 Ju-87 aircrafts and 1 Schnellboot torpedo boat in 1:300 scale hard plastic miniatures