Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game - Rockbreaker Expansion (PREORDER)

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game - Rockbreaker Expansion (PREORDER)

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New for Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game, this huge machine expansion adds the mighty Rockbreaker to your pool of potential hunts.

With a hulking 120mm base, Rockbreaker is a mean tunnelling machine and one of the BIGGEST enemies in the game. But that’s not all. It’s also the most unpredictable, with a tendency to burst from the ground and attack when you least expect it!

Because it’s the only machine capable of burrowing, this rock-breaking titan is rarely seen above ground.

When it does venture above, it leaves a trail of destruction in its wake, erupting from the ground in a shower of rock and earth. Whether you’re chasing it across a tile or diving to avoid an ambush, you’d better be ready to run!

Can you scale this mountainous challenge, or will the Rockbreaker smash you into pieces?


- One of the BIGGEST machines in the game!
- Unpredictable burrowing enemy
- Will burst from the ground to attack you anywhere on the board
- Expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game
- Inspired by the popular video game
- Officially licensed
  • Highly detailed Rockbreaker miniature (120mm base)
  • Rockbreaker data, behaviour, and reference cards
  • 13 Tracking deck cards
  • Rockbreaker board
  • Rulebook