Happy Hopping (PREORDER)

Happy Hopping (PREORDER)

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What a hustle and bustle! In Happy Hopping, the frogs jump into the ponds left and right. Everyone is on the hunt for colorful mosquitoes. Whose frogs can catch the most of them?

Over the course of eight rounds, the players try to complete tasks to collect chips. There are speed rounds, in which you need to be quicker than the other players, and normal rounds, in which all frogs may perform one jump. If the goal of a round is met, players gain frog chips – with the fastest players gaining a ladybug chip on top. They show mosquitoes in different colors. After the last round, a scoring tile determines which mosquito color scores points. Whoever has the most mosquitoes of that color, wins.

Happy Hopping cleverly integrates the game box into the game and jumping aids makes it easier for younger players to perform good jumps.


  • 1 meadow game board
  • 32 plastic frogs
  • 4 sticks
  • 4 lily pads
  • 8 ladybug tokens
  • 32 round goal cards
  • 36 mosquito cards
  • 4 scoring tiles
  • 2 rulebooks (EN/DE)