Godtear: Skullbreaker, the Dragon Slayer & Tooth Bearers (PREORDER)

Godtear: Skullbreaker, the Dragon Slayer & Tooth Bearers (PREORDER)

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Join the hunt with Skullbreaker, the Dragon Slayer

Skullbreaker. The one they call the Dragon Slayer. An orc so strong he wields the jawbone of a slain dragon as a weapon. His followers are dubbed the Tooth Bearers: acolytes deemed worthy of a single tooth from his dragon jaw blade, a trophy of Skullbreaker’s many hunts.

Soaring dragons, gargantuan golems, towering trolls… this Godtear Slayer champion can take on fantasy races of any size. And he eats enemy champions for breakfast.

This almighty orc excels at setting up and unleashing powerful single-target attacks. His thirst for blood knows no bounds as he fells foe after foe with his enormous blade.

Of course, such a powerful being isn’t short of devotees. Those Skullbreaker deems worthy of joining his hunts are gifted a tooth from his blade. These Tooth Bearers are desperate to earn his respect and will stop at nothing to gain it. If they displease Skullbreaker, he isn’t shy of letting them know…

Not many survive a tussle with Skullbreaker and the Tooth Bearers. Those who do will definitely be taking a trip to the dentist.

Inside this box is everything you need to bring the Slayer champion Skullbreaker, the Dragon Slayer, and the Tooth Bearers to the tabletop. Use this expansion with any Godtear starter set for a ready-to-go warband.


  • Highest potential single target damage in the game
  • Created for Godtear, the hex-based factionless fantasy miniature game
  • Ally Skullbreaker with up to 2 other champions as part of your Godtear warband
  • 6 preassembled miniatures coloured red for the Slayer class


  • 1 Skullbreaker Miniature
  • 4 Tooth Bearer Miniatures
  • 1 Skullbreaker’s Banner Miniature
  • 3 Profile Cards

No assembly needed! Godtear is an out-of-the-box experience.

All minis are preassembled and coloured according to their champion class. In Skullbreaker's case, red for a Slayer champion.