Dark Souls RPG: The Steadfast & The Hollow (PREORDER)

Dark Souls RPG: The Steadfast & The Hollow (PREORDER)

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Confront doughty Sentinels and Hollow Soldiers with this DARK SOULS™ miniatures box!

The steadfast Sentinels are nigh-on immovable with their thick plate armour and colossal greatshields. By contrast, Hollow Soldiers can barely withstand a strong gust of wind. Their tattered clothing and atrophied muscles provide little in the way of ballast.

Bring your next roleplaying session to life — or death — with The Steadfast & The Hollow miniature box, created for DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game.

Inside this box is everything you need to add the armour-plated Sentinels and decrepit Hollow Soldiers to your campaigns, including 4 highly detailed minis and 2 stat cards. All miniatures from this range are 5e-compatible, and ready to add to any roleplaying campaign right from the box.

Do you dare challenge The Steadfast and the Hollow?


• 4 detailed minis per pack
• Enhance your roleplaying campaigns
• 5e-compatible
• Engage with the DARK SOULS™ combat system in full
• Paint your minis to recreate the DARK SOULS™ universe on your tabletop
• Compatible with any tabletop roleplaying game
• Character sheets available via the Steamforged Games website
  • 2 Sentinels
  • 2 Hollow Soldiers
  • 2 Double-sided stat cards