Nerdz Day 2022

Posted by Game Nerdz on Aug 13th 2022

We Failed.

And we want you guys to know how, why, and what we are going to do to ensure this does not happen again.

The Avalanche

One of the most difficult parts about a customer hold program is actually holding the inventory for an unknown length of time and never knowing how many orders will be released on a given day. Starting shortly before Nerdz Day, there were over 80,000 items released in addition to the 20,000+ Nerdz Day items. This additional holds volume was truly unprecedented, especially alongside an already massive day of new orders. We were prepared for the volume of orders that were to be created from Nerdz Day sale products. However, we were NOT prepared for the avalanche of holds orders that came as a result of it.

We love the holds program as we know our customers love it. We have invested a tremendous amount of time and money the past year to expand the program and make it an easier, streamlined, and more enjoyable experience for our customers. This has been a stress test for the program and we will continue to make changes to ensure the potential spikes in releasing holds can be handled more effectively in the future.

Awaiting Fulfillment

A term on our site that means pending shipment. And yes, we still have many orders pending shipment. We have the items in our warehouse and our team has been working hard to get them picked, packaged, and labeled as quickly as possible, while also not skimping on our packaging methods as we know how important that is to our customers.

Due to the size and complexity of many of the orders, it has been difficult to provide an exact timeline of when we will return to business as usual. We have brought in a tremendous amount of additional staff the past few weeks to help get these packages out the door and in your hands. We have made a large dent in the pending orders, but we know we have more to go. Our team has been running full steam in this Texas heat the past month to get as much traction on the pending orders as possible. And we will continue to do so until each and every one of your packages have been shipped.

We are Genuinely Sorry.

We truly apologize for the recent issues and sincerely regret any stress and aggravation you may have experienced as a result. While Nerdz Day itself tested our credit card processing company, the surrounding weeks also tested several other areas of our company that we will be focusing on in the coming months. We appreciate many of our customer’s kind words and patience. We will continue to learn from our mistakes. And we will continue to grow and innovate from these experiences.