Zoom In Barcelona

Zoom In Barcelona

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In Zoom in Barcelona, players compete in a photo contest to try to take the best photos of the city. Hop on a bike, catch a taxi or a bus to get to the best spots before the other players. During the game you will take photos of its beautiful locations, the iconic structures that create the skyline of Barcelona, and... dragons! Did you know that you can find more than 400 dragons in the city of Barcelona?

Grab your camera and embark in a sight seeing adventure with this beautiful card drafting and set collection board game!


  • 1 Board
  • 86 Landmark cards
  • 24 Transportation Cards
  • 6 Photo Tokens
  • 6 Natural Light Markers
  • 6 Skyline Sheets
  • 32 Building Skyline Tokens
  • 6 Theme Tokens
  • 6 Cameras
  • 6 Zoom Selection Tokens
  • 1 Dragon Token
  • Illustrated Rules