World War I Deluxe Edition

World War I Deluxe Edition

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World War I Deluxe Edition: this update will include a Mounted Game Board, and an update of the counters and rules.

World War I originated in a combustible mix of dynastic ambition, nationalism, and misplaced confidence in a short war. Europe was an armed camp with mass armies formed by conscription and national reserves. Antagonism, fear, and suspicion drove nations into a lacework of alliances. Sarajevo provided the spark that set it off, and in a matter of days the continent was at war, with empires in the balance.

The map covers the entire war zone in Europe (36 miles per hex) and the Middle East (at a slightly larger scale). Terrain includes key cities, certain cultural and religious sites, primary railroads, and sea zones connecting it all. Counters represent field armies, with some specialized corps and a few markers. Six month turns keep the game playable, while multiple movement and attack phases allow for operational nuance.


  • 228 Die-cut counters
  • One 34x22 inch Mounted Game Board
  • Color Rules booklet